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Ireland Vacation Packages

Irish Music Tours

IrishMusicTours.ie is the leading Irish based Traditional Irish Music and Cultural tour operator, providing Ireland vacation packages based around Ireland’s unique music and culture heritage. With over 20 years experience playing music around Ireland and abroad, our knowledge of the traditional irish music scene is second to none, which will ensure you will receive the ultimate Traditional Irish music experience. What sets us apart from other tour operators is the fact that our musicians will travel with you on your tour. We have a group of more than 25 of the finest musicians in Ireland and an extensive list of traditional music venues that are Irelands hidden gems when it comes to music.

By day we will visit the important historical and cultural sights of this wonderful island and by night we will enjoy the wonderful traditional music sessions so often excluded from normal tour itineraries.

We have a number of tour options available to suit everyone’s requirements, weather it’s a 7 day tour of the North and West coast or a 5 night tour of Donegal’s traditional music venues, at the heart of your journey will be the music, the musicians and the people. Our tours depart from Dublin, Donegal or Derry. Donegal is easily accessible from Dublin by either bus or train. If you need any advice about traveling to Donegal contact us and we will ensure you get here.

We also place an importance on the cultural activities of each area we visit and, where possible we  arrange demonstrations and talks along the way.

The Musicians

So, when you take one of our tours, which musicians maybe joining you? We have a range of musicians who will join us on our tours throughout the course of the year. We will meet up with others as we travel along, giving you the opportunity to get to know them and enjoy their music up close and personal. So don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of something special. Book your holiday of a lifetime now!

If you truly want to experience Traditional Irish Music and Culture in it’s natural environment then our tours are a must for you.


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